Semalt Warns Of Different Types Of WordPress Website Hacks

If your security scans come back positive, your website might have been hit by spammers. We all know that WordPress is the most famous and best content management system. Because of the sheer number and volume of WordPress sites online, it's almost impossible for us to stay safe from the WordPress hacks.

Ryan Johnson, a top expert from Semalt, provides here an overview of different types of WordPress website hacks online for you to stay safe.


Malware covers all types of dangerous and harmful programs and software, such as viruses, Trojans, ransomware, and spyware. You will see your Google Analytics account; malware also pop-ups in the web browsers warning us to have it fixed as soon as possible. You should install antivirus or anti-malware program to remove it. Malware can do all types of nefarious things such as stealing your credit card details, personal information, damaging your site, deleting important files and locking your computer or mobile device until you pay the ransom.


The phishing attacks mostly happen via emails enticing you to open certain attachments or log into a few websites such as PayPal, the bank of America, and others. They want you to click on the suspicious links and look authentic. In general, phishing attacks are meant to fool you, and the hackers use those emails to steal your credentials on the internet. You should never click any email attachment that looks suspicious or strange.

SQL Injections

The SQL is a computer language used by your WordPress blogs and websites. SQL (Structured Query Language) helps communicate with the databases. In a nutshell, the SQL injections can replace the SQL queries with the codes that lead the database to do something like hacking and phishing. The hackers use this information to steal your data and transfer your files from one computer to another. Wordpress plugins and different themes can help prevent the SQL injections.

Compromised Passwords

With various email accounts online, people use the same password on different sites. If the hackers discover one of your passwords, they may be able to access your multiple accounts easily. That is why you should prevent your passwords from being compromised and keep different passwords for different accounts.

Missing software updates

The WordPress experts are diligent about improving the plugins, software, and themes. Wordpress users are not diligent about installing and updating their programs. Thus, missing the software updates can lead you to suffer on the internet. It's safe to say that this has become one of the major problems on the internet and you may lose various valuable files and data due to compromised software updates.

Insecure themes and plugins

As different people contribute codes to WordPress in the forms of themes and plugins, the hackers can spread malware and viruses in them easily. The best protection is to keep the plugins and themes updated.

Poor Security policies

The poor security policies can make you feel sad, and your business may stop growing. If multiple people have accessed your website, you don't need to make then Admin. Instead, you can assign them different roles and prevent them from accessing the Admin panel of your WordPress site.


The Distributed Denial of Service attacks are widespread and are launched easily online. They can easily bring down dozens of sites without the knowledge of webmasters.

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